Dancing with the stars, he could be on the dance floor too: he has been talking a lot about himself lately

Among the eligible candidates of Dancing with the stars, in these hours a really sensational name has sprung up: that’s who it would be.

What is brewing seems to be an edition of dancing with the Stars really not to be missed. Just like Alfonso Signorini is doing for the GF Vip 7also Milly Carlucci seems to want to leave nothing to chance and would be trying to recruit in the new cast characters who will surely give unforgettable pearls.

Dancing with the stars new competitor (Credits: Instagram)

To make us suppose, are the names circulated so far: da Paola Barale to Nino D’Angelo up to the swimmer Alex Di Giorgio, the blonde Rai Uno presenter would be fielding a slap-up line-up. Also this year, of course, you will be able to count on the jury whose members would have all been reconfirmed: it is easy to predict that there will be very heated clashes between them and the competitors, which will certainly animate more than one evening.

Last year, for example, the participation of Morgan, who has always been a character capable of great twists, was highly anticipated. And in fact, it cannot be said that the famous artist has disappointed expectations, both in terms of genius and in terms of the expected clashes with Wild Lucarelli. This time, according to what it reveals in preview TvBlogone of the possible participants who more than any other could become the protagonist of controversy is a well-known actor that we haven’t seen on TV for some time.

Dancing with the stars, Milly would like him: the public didn’t expect it

The well-known portal reveals that this year it could be Enrico Montesano: the famous Roman actor would be one step away from signing the contract, but there is a detail that makes his hypothetical presence quite interesting. As many know, Montesano has often been at the center of the media storm lately for his solid beliefs no-vax. Since the pandemic broke out, the historic host of Fantastico has not hesitated to publicly take sides against the vaccine and the Green Pass as well as against the phantom ‘strong powers’.

If you followed the program conducted by Milly Carlucci last season, you will surely remember the quarrel that broke out between Lucarelli and Mietta, who contracted Covid just shortly after the start of his adventure. On that occasion, the singer was clearly and clearly accused by the journalist of being against the vaccine. Mietta however refused to call himself no-vax and the controversy went on for quite a while.

In the case of Enrico Montesano, however, there would be no possibility of misunderstanding, since the actor has never hidden his opinion on the matter. It is therefore natural to think that the sparks are guaranteed!

Dancing with the stars who
Dancing with the stars new cast (Credits: RaiPlay)

Pending confirmation, we ask you: do you think Montesano’s presence will help the show?