Dancing with the stars, Lorenzo Tano and the support of father Rocco Siffredi

The son of the king of porn debuts on the Raiuno show

Lorenzo Tano debuts on Dancing with the Stars on Rai Uno and father Rocco Siffredi takes to the field for his son. “Guys, put a like. We need your energy, I’ve always put it all in for you!”, writes the actor, king of porn, while the young Lorenzo makes his debut in the Raiuno programme.

“Nobody really knows me, I’ve never shown myself and I’m very little active on social media. I’m Rocco Siffredi’s son, I work with him behind the scenes: everything related to direction, business, strategies. I graduated in Business Economics” , says Lorenzo Tano introducing himself before the performance. “We work in a constructed world. We create a product that should only be seen by adults, a very young child who has access to a certain type of content doesn’t even understand what happens. Many aspects should be controlled, the idea of ​​creating a platform was born educational. Basic education is missing. I lived in a healthy family, when my parents came home it was a healthy environment”, he says.

The performance doesn’t get very high marks from the judges (“I saw a cockroach in a chicken dance”, says Guillermo Mariotto who scores zero), but everyone is struck by the feeling with his partner Lucrezia Lando. “You would be the first Siffredi who does something whose plot interests us. We want to know what happens in this story”, says Selvaggia Lucarelli showing particular interest in the relationship between the contestant and the dancer.

What advice came from dad Rocco? “He told me to just focus on the dance without thinking about the outside. In this case, the unexpected came from inside,” he says, referring to an accident with a piece of the microphone.