Dancing with the Stars, Mietta’s return rekindles the debate on the vaccine

Many express solidarity with the singer, others criticize the “crocodile tears”

The Mietta’s return to the dance floor of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has rekindled the debate on the singer’s choice not to get vaccinated on social media. Mietta was forced to withdraw from the program because it tested positive for Covid and then explained that she had not had the vaccine due to fears related to her health.

On Twitter the comments have multiplied, divided between those who expressed solidarity with the singer who complained, being moved, by the attacks suffered by the haters and those who accused her of being a no vax who paid for her choice not to get vaccinated. “Mietta dances very well, but by now she has been labeled as Novax and therefore it no longer counts”, reads the tweet of an admirer. “I agree with Fabio Canino: Mietta deserves to return to the race next year”, writes another user. “Beautiful and Brava! In the face of the provex haters”, says another. “Mietta is right, her tears make sense. There is too much hatred on social media, the sling of opinions is often disabling for any comparison. For many it is just one click, but in reality they become shit storms and you don’t have shit. you scroll easily, “adds another commentator. Others speak of “crocodile tears”. “Mietta – observes another critical commentator – hides behind accepting apartments before getting the vaccine because he was afraid. It is a pity that these tests lasted 8 months considering his age and when he could have been vaccinated. Novax, it is useless to find excuses to get out of it. well”.