Dancing with the stars, Morgan sues Selvaggia Lucarelli

The singer asks for help from the presenter Milly Carlucci: “They can’t treat me like this”

After the episode of ‘Dancing with the stars’, Morgan sues Selvaggia Lucarelli and asks Milly Carlucci for help, complaining that “the program cannot think of having me and treating me like this”. This was reported by the Fanpage.it website. “Morgan great artist, but rude”? Morgan replies: “Everyone is but, but, but … but what? You know that at that point I get so rude that I say to you: ‘Don’t call me a great artist’. Because it’s embarrassing. I could never say ‘ John Lennon, yes a great artist, but rude ‘. If I say great artist, I stop there.’ Great artist but … ‘means not recognizing the greatness of an artist “.

For Morgan, then, “Milly Carlucci, manager and project leader of this show, has a duty to criticize this behavior that has debased not only my work, but also hers. Because Milly is very attentive, very close to everything, she he sees even if there is a button out of place. And then, to think that there is a hater, a bully who destroys only out of vanity and hatred, is an impossible thing. I also wrote to Milly Carlucci, I told her why you Stubborn? ‘. Selvaggia has proven that she is not up to the role and there are a lot of people who are capable of doing that. There is no need to persist. “

Now, Morgan says, “she will answer in front of a judge. I should have done it before, I should have done five episodes. I just wanted to see where she was able to go. Now you have published a private message from me that the Italian law and jurisdiction it prevents you from divulging a message where, among other things, I apologized, where I was kind. You not only published a private conversation of mine, a conversation of a public figure, but then also added the derogatory comment “.