Dancing with the Stars, Rai ratings increase

In yesterday’s episode, Saturday 22 October, an audience of 3 million 723 thousand viewers equal to 25.6% share

The popularity of ‘dancing with the Stars‘: the aspiring dancers who put themselves to the test every week between emotion, rumba and “paso doble”, gathered in yesterday’s episode, Saturday 22 October, an audience of 3 million 723 thousand viewers equal to 25.6% share while the preview “Dancing … all on the track” achieved 21.9% equal to 4 million 57 thousand. This is what we read in a note from Rai.

Rai 2 instead proposed, again in prime time, two episodes of the twelfth series “Blue Bloods”: “The shadow of the father” seen by 749 thousand spectators (4%) and “The secret refuge” seen by 737 thousand (4.2%) ). On Rai 3 “Le parole” with Massimo Gramellini was followed by 1 million 439 thousand spectators with a 7.7% share. Following, “Sapiens – One planet”, the scientific dissemination program by and with Mario Tozzi interested 742 thousand viewers (4.6%). In the early evening of Rai 1, “Reaction to chain” confirmed its positive trend, reaching 3 million 834 thousand and a 25.8% share. During the daytime of the flagship network “Uno Mattina in famiglia” it achieved 22.9% with 1 million 244 thousand spectators and the program with Timperi, Satta and Muccitelli was broadcast in reduced form to give space to the Tg1 Special dedicated to the swearing-in ceremony of the new government. The live broadcast from the Quirinale Palace was followed by 1 million 730 thousand viewers equal to a share of 30.7%.

Following: “Il Provinciale” with 1 million 282 thousand (19.5%), “Linea Verde Explora” with 1 million 648 thousand spectators (19.3%) and “Linea Verde Life” which touched 3 million spectators (2 million 296 thousands). Also on Saturday of Rai 1 is “Il Paradiso delle Signore” which reached 11.7% with 1 million 508 thousand. The popularity of “Italia Sì” is growing, the current affairs and entertainment program with Marco Liorni, which in the first part scored a 14.7% share and 1 million 359 thousand spectators, which in the second part became 1 million 707 thousand (16.3%). On Rai 3, good “Re-Tv Talk” with 9.9% and 993 thousand spectators and “Frontiere” 569 thousand spectators (6.3%). The Rai networks produced 7 million 206 thousand (39.1%) in the second evening 3 million 969 thousand (38.1%) and in the 24 hours 3 million 200 thousand (37.5%).