Dancing with the Stars, Ricky Tognazzi eliminated: Selvaggia Lucarelli’s dig

Yet another back and forth between juror and competitor, then the verdict

The first elimination arrives at Dancing with the Stars 2023. The fourth episode of the Raiuno show establishes the exclusion of Ricky Tognazzi, rejected after the play-off with Lorenzo Tano, who saves thanks to televoting and remains in the race. The verdict comes after yet another clash with Selvaggia Lucarelli, a member of the jury who was the protagonist of heated back and forth with Tognazzi and his wife Simona Izzo, present in the studio.

“Everything was a bit old, dusty, both off stage and on stage. The gag with Simona Izzo” which preceded the performance “was old stuff, from the post-war period”. “Don’t make me happy, I’m talking about you. You’ve broken up a bit with this story, you’ve grown old with this story since the first episode. Even your criticisms have grown old, you always say the same things”, replies Tognazzi. “I accept criticism, I don’t go into TV lounges to whine”, urges the juror. “We don’t prepare anything, the jokes come to us. From the beginning you talk about me, this third wheel wife in this situation”, intervenes Simona Izzo. The discussion ends, but there is a queue. The verdict arrives late at night: Ricky Tognazzi eliminated in the televoting and Lucarelli comments live on Instagram. “Now – he says – Simona Izzo is waiting for me in the parking lot…”.