Dancing with the Stars, the super guest jumps: bad blow for Milly Carlucci

Bad blow for the talent show “Dancing with the Stars”, the super guest of the next episode skips: how will Milly Carlucci react?

There is no peace for the Rai 1 talent show. After the controversy that swept the program on the Mietta case, Carlucci must also give up a super guest. Who will call the presenter now to replace him?

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Dancing with the Stars, skip the super guest: who are we talking about (Source: Instagram)

Dancing with the Stars, skip the super host

Dancing with the Stars is a prime time talent show. The program has been broadcast on Rai 1 since 2005. The broadcast has always been conducted by Milly Carlucci with the participation of Paolo Belli. The program is the adaptation of the British talent show “Strictly Come Dancing”. Every year it gets a great success and is one of the main pillars of the public network.

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The talent show is now in its sixteenth edition, broadcast from October 16, 2021. An edition that is certainly not very lucky so far. The singer-songwriter Al Bano, one of the spearheads of the program, has decided to retire. Mietta was also initially forced to retire because it tested positive for Covid-19. After returning negative, the singer performed in the studio, but was quickly eliminated.

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dancing with the stars couple

But the troubles don’t end with Milly Carlucci’s talent show. The presenter will have to do without the super guest chosen for the next episode. Really a bad blow for Carlucci, who had staked a lot on the super guest. How will he react now?

For the next episode of the talent show, Milly Carlucci had chosen a couple as dancers for one night. We are talking about the Lazio striker and the Italian national team Ciro Immobile and his wife Jessica Melena. The player was in fact injured. The sad announcement was made on social media by the host of the talent show: “Unfortunately, due to Ciro Immobile’s injury it will not be possible to see him on the dance floor with Jessica as dancers for one night. However, we will talk about the wonderful solidarity initiative, a kick to the exclusion wanted by Pope Francis “.