Daniela Aránguiz broke the silence about her romance with Luis Mateucci

Daniela Aranguiz recently spoke with Las Últimas Noticias (LUN) about the break with Jorge Valdivia. “They say that when women make the decision (to separate), they have been grieving for at least a year. And for me now is the time to keep my head busy; the more things I do, the less I think about what is passing,” he said.

The panelist has been uploading stories on different sides for a long time, where louis mateucci is also found, and they have even posted photos of kisses. About the romance that is starting, Daniela was full of praise for the Argentine: “He has been a very nice person with me. I think he came to give me a share of happiness, spark, fun that I was missing. He is very funny, very light of blood, someone young, without children or worries, lives from day to day, lives from his businesses, travels a lot, likes to invite me to things”.

Making a clear difference with Valvidiathe influencer commented: “He always considers me and before I didn’t. For example, he invites me to a bar with his friends and before they told me: ‘What are you going to do there if they are all men?’ He invites me to dance, to have a little juice, to have lunch or to go to a perfume store to give me something”.

Daniela Aránguiz and Luis Mateucci on reel. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

However, for the moment Daniela he prefers not to name the relationship. “I have a good time with him (…) he’s rich because we’re getting to know each other like that. I don’t feel ready to have a very serious relationship, especially since I’m in the middle of the divorce process and I hope it can happen as soon as possible and that agreements are reached, and they don’t put me in trouble for that,” he said.

Daniela Aránguiz and Luis Mateucci. Source: Terra Production.

Despite being the same age, Luis She is always in action, which makes the ex of Mago Valdivia feel younger. “I had lost my youth and I do not regret it, because I have been a super happy mother. Now my eldest daughter is turning 16 and I had forgotten that I am 37, that I am and I look very young, that I can go out and spend it good,” he concluded.