Daniela Aránguiz broke the silence on accusations of “black magic” by Jorge Valdivia

Former member of the television show Mekano, Daniela Aranguizdecided to break the silence and talk about the accusations made by her ex-husband, the sports commentator Jorge Valdiviato use “black magic” against him.

According to the ex-soccer player denounced on Intagram, Daniela would have tied and frozen his underpants, as well as tying his underwear into knots.

In response and also in an Instagram live with Cecilia Gutierrez, Aránguiz commented on her ex-husband’s statements and stated that she will speak in more detail about the subject in the Zona de Estrellas program. Also, he mentioned that he doesn’t want to respond with more hate and that Valdivia should get over things and move on.

“He will have his reasons, maybe he found some underpants to kill some things (…) of his new girlfriend I say, a very interesting photo will come very soon,” he added with some humor.

The Chilean personality, who is currently in a moment of happiness, expressed that She is sorry that this type of controversy is generated when she is living a beautiful moment. However, he assured that he has every right to respond to the accusations.

Although no details of Valdivia’s accusation or Aránguiz’s response are known, it is important to note that “black magic” it is not supported by science or by law. In Chile, the use of witchcraft can be punished by justice, since it is considered a form of fraud.

In conclusion, Daniela Aránguiz responded with humor and respect to her ex-husband’s accusations of witchcraft, stating that she will respond later and that she does not want to respond with hate.