Daniela Aránguiz demonstrates how to wear a jean minidress after 35

There is always a reason why Daniela Aranguiz be in the eye of the storm in the tabloids. It is that the comings and goings of him with Jorge Valvidia always give something to talk about. Also when they relate her to a boy from the world of entertainment. One of them has been Raúl Peralta. of the duo Power Peralta.

The subject came to light again since Daniela He recently met Francisco Santín, who was his friend for more than 15 years, but they quarreled when he revealed possible infidelity to Valdivia. “Did she have something with Raúl Peralta?” She asked him at that time, to which he answered without filters: “All my life. I accompanied him on more than one occasion.”

The journalist Sergio Rojas also spoke about the subject in his stories of instagram some time ago. “At the house of Ariela Mendeiros (another former friend of Aránguiz) she was going to do her thing with one of the Peralta brothers. Don’t play dumb because that marriage has always been toxic,” said the communicator.

But Daniela he ignores the rumors and dedicates himself to generating content for his social networks. Lately, he has been spending a lot of time on TikTok, where he uploads videos that he records with Adriana Barrientos during Zona de Estrellas breaks. The last one was about a scene from The Nanny.

Daniela It was worn with a jean minidress, ideal for women over 35 years of age. Despite the effort to show off and to learn the script, he did not receive positive comments on the networks. “The fomes mines screwed up”, “Fomes squared” and “They are such for which the two of Kuica’s faces cannot stand it” were some of them.