Daniela Aránguiz demonstrates how to wear a latex minidress with buccaneers after 35 years

Daniela Aranguiz It has been in the news in recent days for the alleged “phone call” by Maite Orsini so that the former Mekano girl does not do her interview on the Podemos Hablar (PH) program. The parliamentary deputy denied the news through her Instagram stories. “During the last few months, different media outlets have published completely false information about my private life, without even corroborating with me or a related source,” she began by saying.

And he continued: “My work prevents me from denying one by one the lies that obviously come from a person who seeks to harm me at all costs. “I want to ask the media to contact me or check the information they receive with a source before publishing false information. I do not believe in prior censorship and I have not called any television channel to download interviewees or schedule interviews” he concluded, making a clear reference to aranguiz.

Jorge Valdivia’s ex finally told “Zona de Estrellas” that she decided to postpone her interview with Podemos Hablar (PH). “I can be anything, but not a liar. That never. Every time I talk about something, it’s because I have proof. Chilevisión has known me for many years. I have always worked with an individual sono (headphone), because many times they have to tell me from the switch ‘no’, or ‘stop’. In PH it is not like that, but they do not let me go live. They know that with me it has to be a recorded program. Many days I thought if I did it or not (the program), but with these calls, instead of turning me off, it’s as if they poured paraffin on me,” he said. Daniela.

In the last hours, the famous was recorded in her stories of instagram dressed for a new show. The “Zona de Estrellas” panelist wore a black latex minidress with a zipper in the center, combined with buccaneers of the same color. At 37, she knows how to wear this look with style. In the same program, she gave news that worried her followers.

Daniela He said that the cell phone of celebrity journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez was hacked. “Really, we are all super worried because Ceci has information about me, information about Manu, information about Hugo, information about everyone I know from Chile. There are some photos that (surprised face ”, she closed herself.