Daniela Aránguiz imposes a trend with the most chic buccaneers of autumn

The beauty influencer Daniela Aranguiz She is one of the most popular women on television and also on social networks where she accumulates more than 880,000 followers from all latitudes who are aware of the movements and publications of the ex-partner of the Magician Valdivia.

Daniela Aranguiz She shares her best poses and looks for her fans, since she is a benchmark in the world of fashion and trends. But the Zona de Estrellas panelist also shows previews of her work and intimate moments of her with her friends and children.

Now Daniela Aranguiz He surprised the network by showing a pair of buccaneer boots that are the chic trend of autumn due to their animal print. the ex of Jorge Valdivia He showed off this shoe in the preview of his television program and enchanted everyone with his look.

Daniela Aranguiz. Source: Terra archive

“I love you” wrote Daniela Aranguiz next to the clip in which she is heard saying “look, friend, they are your honor, in your honor as a lioness” and precisely the influencer’s interlocutor is Adriana Barrientos with whom she shares a panel on the television program Zona de Estrellas.

immediately the fans of Daniela Aranguiz They viralized the clip and highlighted the beauty of the model and also the good taste in fashion that everyone wants to imitate. There is no doubt that this pair of buccaneer boots will soon be sold out in all stores in the country as it is a more than chic trend for this mid-season.