Daniela Aránguiz photographed herself with nothing in front of the mirror and left little to the imagination

This past Sunday, December 4, Daniela Aranguiz He turned 37 and celebrated in style. The celebration included a pool party surrounded by friends, balloons, a pool and lots of delicious food. In addition, everyone went to the exclusive “Amanda Club” in the municipality of Vitacura. The panelist reserved the entire VIP area to enjoy the space in a more comfortable and spacious way.

The following Monday, Daniela posted a photo posing in a polka dot miniskirt in a wine cellar. “There is always light at the end of the tunnel,” she wrote the famous in the post and was filled with praise. “regal beautiful beautiful! I admire you! You have all beauty your children your family!!” and “You are shining like never before, blessings” were some of the messages she received.

But, as is common on social media, Daniela he also received a derogatory comment from the user @sol_larsson. “Which tunnel?? Yours??,” she wrote alongside several laughing emojis. Although the former Mekano did not respond, her brother Rigeo did. “The envious one is no longer missing because she has no other word! Envious people are loaded with that word… what’s up walking on the walls of Insta shooting… hahaha what’s the idea, a tunnel po ma’am a tunnel she doesn’t have a tunnel… she has a house she has insta she’s thirsty many times haha ​​but she doesn’t have a tunnel… and they make laughing faces and nobody laughs… ya bye”, he wrote.

Daniela Aránguiz in a wine cellar. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

But the hater of Daniela It didn’t take long for him to reply again: “@rigeo the brother defending the cuckold. Better help your sister, that she must love and respect herself like so much, this rooster has cuckolded her everywhere, one must have dignity, I would only put up with something like that, I love myself too much, how did your eye look ”.

Daniela Aránguiz in front of the mirror. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

Without giving an answer on the subject, the former de Jorge ‘the Magician’ Valdivia published in his stories of instagram a photograph where she is seen posing in front of a mirror without any clothes, covering her torso with her long black hair. Undoubtedly, at 37 years old, the model no longer deprives herself of anything and she is beyond criticism by anonymous users.