Daniela Aránguiz raised the temperature in a minidress

2022 has been marked by the issue of heartbreak due to the breakup of Daniela Aranguiz Y Jorge Valdivia, who put an end to their relationship after 18 years of marriage and two children. A few weeks ago, the Zona de Estrellas presenter was in PH and talked about their relationship.

Right there, the Wizard appeared in a video and publicly apologized. after that, Daniela He spoke in dialogue with LUN and told how he got close to his ex-partner again. “Now we are fine, but we were not talking to each other, we were away for a long time. And we noticed that this hurt the people we love. We both gave in, I had the first approach, ”she confessed.

aranguiz He provided more details: “One day I called him crying and told him how long do we continue like this? Because it was already a long time. We sent messages to each other all day through other people for simple things like who was going to pick up the kids from school. So we talked, we were honest, we had a nice conversation where we recognized that there would always be love between us.

Daniela Aránguiz in Zona de Estrellas. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

Finally, the influencer opened up: “I love him and I will always love him. The best thing is to get along…we continue to share as a family. I already mourned, I already broke. I gave myself a number of days to cry when I felt sorry, with scandal, that I had no tears left. But one has to get up again because life goes on… I Jorge I already forgave him.”

Daniela Aránguiz in a red minidress. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

Before the weekend was over, the ex of Jorge Valdivia He posted a photo on his official Instagram account along with the greeting for his followers: “Good week.” The beautiful brunette posed sitting in her room wearing a tight red minidress, matching sandals, loose hair and crimson lips. The publication exceeded 20,000 likes and 450 comments.