Daniela Aránguiz reveals who is the new man who conquered her heart: "I fell in love"

The model and influencer Daniela Aranguiz She is one of the most followed women on social media for her beauty and talent. She is also the ex of Jorge Valdivia nothing is saved and it is quite controversial on the panel of the television program ‘Zona de Estrellas’ of which it is a part.

Daniela Aranguiz It already accumulates more than 800 thousand followers from all latitudes who are aware of the movements and publications of the former de Jorge Valdivia. For her fandom, the brunette shares her best poses and looks since she is a benchmark for fashion and trends.

But also Daniela Aranguiz He shares postcards of his daily life with his audience. Now the influencer surprised everyone by confessing which man she fell in love with, but not in real life but in fiction. The brunette showed a photo of her on her television while she was watching the series “Charlotte” on Netflix.

The man who fell in love with Daniela Aránguiz. Source: instagram @danyaranguizf

Daniela Aranguiz shared a photo of actor Corey Mylchreest as the young King George III who marries Charlotte in her youth and wrote: “I already fell in love.” The Charlotte prequel is part of The Bridgertons saga, one of Netflix’s most watched productions based on Julia Quinn’s books.

There is no doubt that Daniela Aranguiz She is a fan of romantic series, in real life she confessed a few days ago that she has not been able to give a new love opportunity with anyone because she is still in love with her ex-partner and father of her two children, Jorge Valdivia.