Daniela Aránguiz spoke for the first time about why she cannot be with Luis Mateucci

The model and beauty influencer Daniela Aranguiz She is one of the most followed women on television and on social media. the ex of Jorge Valdivia He accumulates almost a million followers on the camera’s social network who are aware of his news and publications.

Daniela Aranguiz She teaches her fans her best poses and looks since she is a benchmark in the world of fashion and trends. The Zona de Estrellas panelist has a delicate style to dress and also owns a well-worked figure as a result of her perseverance with physical exercise and good nutrition.

But in the last time it was related to Daniela Aranguiz with the influencer and presenter Louis Matucci. The truth is that now the blonde spoke to the press and commented that he was tired of waiting for her: “She cannot have a relationship with me or with anyone while she is looking out for her ex.”

Given these statements, Daniela Aranguiz He also came out to clarify the goals and explained: “I don’t feel ready for a named, stable relationship with anyone and I told him on several occasions, as well as I said it publicly. I loved it as a friend. I’m very sorry that he’s making this public and he can’t leave it to himself. It’s a shame he has the need to make these things public.”

Daniela Aranguiz. Source: Terra archive

Finally, Daniela Aranguiz added: “I have the best of good vibes with Luis and he knew that I was not ready to have any kind of relationship like the one he offered me. I told him, I made it very clear to him, that I could not have the relationship that He was offering me because I still feel things for Jorge. It was a mistake to delude a person when I wasn’t ready to have something with anyone.”