Daniela Aránguiz talked about the possibility of having another child

The model and beauty influencer Daniela Aranguiz continues to be the focus of controversy since he separated from Jorge Valdivia. Although the Zona de Estrellas panelist has tried to move on with her life, her followers always ask her how the separation is going and if her heart already has a new owner.

Daniela Aranguiz She is very active on the camera’s social network where she accumulates more than 800,000 followers from all latitudes who are aware of her movements and publications. The model recently opened her stories to questions and was encouraged to answer various questions related to her private life.

one of the fans of Daniela Aranguiz He asked him how he handles the issue of divorce with Jorge Valdivia and she replied: “It’s a process, sometimes very good and suddenly very bad… like everyone else, I think.” Then she added that her heart is ready to receive a new love and that she really liked reuniting with herself at this single stage.

Daniela Aránguiz answers questions to her fans. Source: instagram @danyaranguizf

Daniela Aranguiz he worried about making it clear that he has not returned with his ex Jorge Valdivia and let it be seen that he does not intend to do so either. Then they asked him if he plans to have more children besides the two he has with the Magician and he commented: “I have thought about it and I feel that my children are already grown up. I think not, but you never know.”

Daniela Aranguiz. Source: Terra archive

“Imagine that I get married again and my new husband has no children, or I don’t know… It’s not good to spit into the sky, but not now,” she added. Daniela Aranguiz at the same time that he surprised with his statements since before he left the door open to return with the magician valdivia and now she already imagines a future away from him and with another man.