Daniela Aránguiz: the neon bikini with which she joins the trend of the season

Daniela Aranguiz She has been involved, in recent days, in a controversy with her ex-partner Jorge Valdivia. According to the La Cuarta site, the former soccer player would have gone to look for the house that some of his belongings shared, but everything would have ended in a fight that began with shouting and ended in “scratches.”

According to what has been learned, the Carabineros acted ex officio and made the complaint on behalf of Valdivia. This situation would have occurred after the “Zona de Estrellas” panelist told journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez on an Instagram Live that her ex-partner was in a relationship with deputy Maite Orsini.

As if that were not enough, this Monday night the rumor began to spread that Daniela She had to be urgently admitted to a clinic as a result of a nervous breakdown after the fight that she had this Monday morning on public roads. The famous woman denied it in a video that she shared in her stories but that she deleted within minutes.

I’m at home, what time is it? 10 to 6 with terrible hoarseness, I can’t speak, I think I caught a virus,” he said. aranguiz and she was shown lying on what would be her bed next to her brother Rigeo. “I am not hospitalized as the media say, they speak pure hue…”, she concluded.

Daniela Aránguiz in a neon bikini. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

Hours before the fight with the Wizard, Daniela Aranguiz He had posted a video on his Instagram stories where he washed himself showing off his tan, adding to the neon bikini trend. Celebrities like Marta Fort, Carmen Villalobos, Shakira, among many others, have already published images with this style of swimsuits that are already looking to get out of the classic and go one step further.

Carmen Villalobos in a neon bikini. Source: Instagram @cvillaloboss