Daniela Aránguiz turned heads in a tight corset

Daniela Aranguiz She is a well-known figure on Chilean television and an influencer on social networks. Recently, she has caught the attention of her followers with a very cute look that she shared on Instagram. In the image, Daniela wears an elegant white corset with a very modern style and a beautiful green skirt.

Aráguiz’s look. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

The color combination chosen by Daniela Aránguiz is very harmonious and highlights the natural beauty of this well-known television personality. She accompanied the post of instagram with a message full of energy: Starting the week with everything, I wish you love ????-

This look is a clear sign that Daniela Aranguiz She is still at the top of her style and fashion, she accompanied and finished the look with an open mid-heel sandal. Her ability to combine fashion clothes and accessories in an elegant and sophisticated way is truly impressive. However, despite her radiant appearance, it seems that Daniela has had a difficult Valentine’s Day. It has been rumored that the presenter would have charged against her ex-partner on this very important date.

Aráguiz’s look. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

One of Aránguiz’s publications for this day of Valentine’s Day was: “Trust that you can love without pain, turning sad days into perfect plans and doubts into answers and sincere kisses. Happy day of love.” A great message intended of course for her ex, who undoubtedly left something to be desired in terms of her relationship and commitment to Aránguiz.

Although it is not known exactly what has happened, this news shows that even the most famous and successful people have personal problems that they must face. In any case, Daniela Aranguiz She is a very self-confident woman, and she will surely be able to overcome any obstacle that comes her way and continue to shine as a television and fashion star in Chile. Without a doubt, her style and elegance will always be an inspiration for her followers.