Daniela Aránguiz: who are they and how old are her children with Jorge Valdivia?

The beauty influencer and panelist for the Zona de Estrellas program, Daniela Aranguiz She is one of the most popular women on the small screen in the country. the ex of Jorge Valdivia She demonstrates her talent and beauty in each appearance and is very active on social networks where she has accumulated almost a million followers.

Last year Daniela Aranguiz was in the media spotlight due to his divorce from Jorge Valdivia and a few months ago she was in the news again due to the love triangle in which she was involved with Maite Orsini, the current partner of the soccer player who was hospitalized a few days ago for a nervous breakdown.

The truth is that although they are separated Daniela Aránguiz and Jorge ValdiviaTogether they formed a family and have two children together. One of them is Agustina, who is currently 14 years old, and another is Jorge, who is 12. The influencer teaches teenagers little on social networks, but the soccer player does so more frequently.

Agustina and Jorge, the couple’s children. Source: instagram @danyaranguizf

Daniela Aranguiz He lived abroad for a long time because of the work of Jorge Valdivia but some time ago they settled in Chile and it is the driver who lives with Agustina and Jorge while Valdivia sees them frequently because the divorce was on good terms.

Daniela and Jorge Valdivia. Source: Terra archive

From time to time, Daniela Aranguiz she gets nostalgic on the net and remembers how her buses grew. So far, no public social network profiles of adolescents have been known, nor is much known about their personal lives, such as sites and friends they frequent.