Daniela Castillo showed off her baby bump with the ideal dress for future mothers

Daniela Castillo is one of the most important singers that our country has and who has achieved success in such a way that she achieved a triple gold record and a double platinum record for the album of the same name. In addition to standing out in music, she is a great host and has been seen in several programs, thus earning all the affection of the Chilean public. In the last few hours, she revolutionized Instagram by showing off an incredible dress body pump in which she showed off her pregnancy and which is ideal for future mothers.

If there is something that has characterized Daniela Castillo is that her career has been full of success, taking into account that she was one of the first generations to participate in a talent contest, even being one of the finalists of said contest. Her launch as a singer was in 2004 when she presented her first studio album, with which she achieved triple gold and double platinum status. Later, she also had a career in Mexico.

This is how Daniela Castillo confirmed that she was pregnant. Source Instagram @danicastillomusica

Since 2015, Daniela Castillo She began her relationship with Luca Monacci and after nine years of dating, the successful 39-year-old singer announced that she was pregnant and expecting her first baby. In one of her many posts, the former member of ‘Rojo’ wrote excitedly: “I feel so lucky to take you here with me.” She has even confirmed the gender and revealed that he will be a boy.

On his Instagram account where Daniela Castillo She has nearly 900 thousand followers, she is responsible for confirming why she is one of the most beautiful women on television in our country. At 39 years old, the singer was present at Teletón and she fell in love with her by wearing a baby pump dress with which she showed off her belly and which is also ideal for future mothers. With her post, she conquered with her great figure.

Daniela Castillo and her dress for future mothers. Source Instagram @danicastillomusica

In the post made by Daniela Castillo, she could be seen very excited being part of Telethon, where she sang alongside Andrés de León and left a tender message in said publication: “What a beautiful night we lived in telethon. “I feel very lucky to be able to live these magical moments with my son inside.”

With this dress Daniela Castillo stole everyone’s attention. Source Instagram @danicastillomusica