Daniela Morozzi is in the cast of the fiction Lea-A new day: where we have already seen the actress

Daniela Morozzi is in the cast of the new fiction Lea-A New Day: but we have already had the pleasure of seeing the actress, here’s where.

Lea-A new day is the new fiction broadcast from 8 February on Rai Uno. Lthe protagonist is Anna Valle, in the role of Lea Castelli, a pediatric nurse who returns to work after a year of leave. She took a break after she lost the baby in her womb. Aware of the fact that she cannot have more children, she decides to give her love for her to the little patients she follows.

Daniela Morozzi is Rosa in Lea-A new day: do you remember where we have already seen the actress? (source rai play)

This new series has much-loved actors in the cast, there is indeed Anna Valle, Giorgio Pasotti, Mehmet Gunsur, Eleonora Giovanardi, Marina Crialesi, Primo Reggiani and Daniela Morozzi. Well, focusing our attention on Daniela Morozzi, we ask you, do you remember where we saw the beloved actress?

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Daniela Morozzi in the cast of Lea-A new day: do you remember where we have already seen the actress?

Daniela Morozzi is a much loved Italian actress. As we have mentioned, she too is in the cast of the Rai Uno fiction Lea-A New day. She plays Rosa, the head nurse of the hospital where she works and is the best friend of the protagonist. She was born in 1968 in Florence. She joined the Italian Theater Improvisation League in 1988, first as an actress and then as a teacher and artistic director.

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In 2022 she was the theater teacher of the reality show Operazione Trionfo, hosted by Miguel Bosè and broadcast on Italia Uno. She has a wonderful career, she has acted in film and on television. But do you know all the films that have seen her in the cast? In particular, Morozzi won us over years ago in a famous series: which are we talking about?

Daniela Morozzi
source rai play

Everyone will remember the actress as Vittoria Guerra in the Police District, where she played this role from 2005 to 2010. The actress also starred on the big screen in Homecoming Gori, Ovosodo, Kisses and Hugs, Not even in a dream, It rains in the wet, First on the list, Uscio and shop, It doesn’t take much; on television we saw her in Crazy family, Last – The challenge, Police District 1-10, The man of the wind, Love is not enough, My friend Santa Claus, Commissioner Manara, Teresa’s escape, The thirteenth apostle – The revelation, The fugitive.

Now we are ready to see her in the new fiction Lea-A new day and we are sure that, once again Daniela Morozzi will not disappoint viewers’ expectations.