Daniela Nicolás raises the temperature with the definitive bikini of the season

Daniela Nicholas She has more than 630,000 followers on her official Instagram account, where she has fans from different places. From there she has been showing how her new house is turning out and has even made ‘featured stories’ on the camera network to go along with the entire process. “Today I woke up on the right foot and happy and I’m finishing the last details of my apartment,” she commented in a post.

“By your decision I chose this wallpaper!! And I have to tell you that it was too good a choice!!!!!! It looks beautifuloooooooo so thank you to everyone who voted” he commented Daniela who is involving their followers in the entire process. Another of the advances were his “Free View folding windows”, which he recommends and considers ideal “because if I close them I don’t get cold, it gets less dirty and the noise is isolated, and if I open them the cool air enters! And it’s also much safer.”

Besides, Daniela has been visiting Nosara, a paradisiacal beach in Costa Rica. “Pura vida” wrote the influencer and posed with two coconuts without a bathing suit on top. “What a good photo, I congratulate you for daring to not show anything and suggest” and “Women as beautiful as you should not do these things. They make one admire them even more” were some of the messages she received.

Daniela Nicolas in Costa Rica. Source: Instagram @danielanicolas

“Selfies on the beach” wrote the famous in her account of instagram, where she posed from the beach in Costa Rica with a black bikini, ideal for spending Holy Week. As every year, April will bring three consecutive holidays: Friday, Saturday, and Holy Sunday, which will fall on Friday the 7th, Saturday the 8th, and Sunday the 9th of April.

Daniela Nicolas in a bikini. Source: Instagram @danielanicolas

“A Miss in Costa Rican lands”, “Your glasses looked great”, “Daniela You have beautiful lips, you are wonderful, a woman who gives everything” were just some of the messages that the former Miss Chile received.