Daniele Bossari faces the disease thanks to science and his wife Filippa Lagerbäck

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Daniele Bossari, a well-known radio and television host, revealed last year with a post on Instagram that he had to deal with cancer at the base of the tongue and that he recovered thanks to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
His wife, Filippa Lagerbäck (fixed presence at What’s the weather like on Rai 3 with Fabio Fazio) is the well-known TV presenter, showgirl and former Swedish naturalized Italian model. It was she who told in more detail about the throat tumor that struck her husband. In a recent interview with Corriere della Sera, talked about how they coped with the disease together. “We faced cancer holding hands”, said Lagerbäck, who is also testimonial of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, which supports cancer research.
The topic of cancer research is very important to her: Filippa Lagerbäck believes it is necessary for well-known personalities to exploit their notoriety to raise public awareness of important issues. In addition, she has been closely touched by cancer, having experienced first hand the disease that struck her husband.
Telling the Corriere della Sera of how Bossari is now, he said that “he is in the follow-up phase but, you know, years go by before a cancer patient hears the phrase ‘definitely cured'”.

There have been crises

She makes no secret of the fact that crises have not been lacking, however she says that she and her husband have overcome them together, holding hands. “When the storm is upon us, she fights better in two. Because love gives strength ”, she stressed.
“We relied on science,” he added, thanking those who helped them not worry about something that is not the patients’ responsibility. Filippa Lagerbäck said that she and her wife have followed the suggestions given to them by the doctors: “Live fully and day by day, making plans for the future. ‘You think about being well and we’ll take care of the rest’ they told us. I am very grateful for this approach”.
Lagerback explains that his faith in science was also inherited from his family: “My mother is a doctor, faith in science has never been in question in our house”.

A year ago Bossari spoke for the first time about cancer

Daniele Bossari spoke publicly about his illness about a year ago, writing on Instagram how the first of September 2022 had a meaning of rebirth for him. He had accompanied his message with a photo of the tarot card of the Hanged Man, a card which – as he himself said – appeared to him in a dream. While trying to bear the physical suffering he was experiencing, he dreamed of the hanged man, understanding his difficult condition: “In the impossibility of escaping the pain, I had to accept it, hanging by the thread of destiny but with faith in medical science”, these are the words by Daniele Bossari.
In those hard months he could always count on the support of his wife. Filippa Lagerbäck recently told the Courier: “I never thought about the possibility of a future without Daniele. Even in the most acute phase, as a chronic optimist, I never assumed the worst. Of course, cancer is scary and I have had moments of great pain but I have overcome them”.
As for the Veronesi Foundation, Lagerbäck stated: “Umberto Veronesi and his son Paolo were and are at home with us at ‘Che tempo che fa’. I know them inside out, I know how serious the foundation is. And I know how it helps those who live despite cancer “.

The love story between Daniele Bossari and Filippa Lagerbäck

Daniele Bossari and Filippa Lagerbäck got married in 2018, eighteen years after their first kiss. Their only daughter, Stella, now 19, was present at the wedding.

The marriage proposal arrived on live television, when Daniele Bossari attended the Big Brother VIP.