Daniele Bossari, his wife Filippa Lagerback in tears: “How many tears have I made”

Daniele Bossari, his wife Filippa Lagerback tells it to everyone: “How many tears have I had”.

Daniele Bossari and Filippa Lagerbach have been together since 2001 and two years later they became Stella’s parents. Daniele was in 2017 competitor of Big Brother Vip, a reality show that saw him triumph. The presenter during the semifinal made the marriage proposal to her beloved and she accepted.

Daniele Bossari, wife (credits: youtube)

A few months later, exactly in June 2018, the couple got married with a civil ceremony at the Ville Ponti, in Varese. The honeymoon in Marracash followed soon after. The presenter told of the wedding on the pages of Grazia explaining that the wedding had been a daydream: “A year ago if someone had told me that I was getting married to a wonderful party, I would not have believed it. Daniele was very excited“.

Filippa revealed that the presenter when he saw her getting out of the car that day felt the same thrill he had felt in 1994, when looking at her dressed as a bride in the Peroni beer commercial he became convinced that the woman in his life must be just like her: “When I got out of the car and Elton John’s Your Song music, the soundtrack of that commercial, started, Daniele became a volcano of emotions”, he said. Bossari and Filippa are parents of Stella born in 2003. The presenter of the weekly Confidenze told of a moment that concerns her daughter: “How many tears have I had”.

Daniele Bossari, Filippa Lagerback in tears: what he told

The marriage between Bossari and Filippa Lagerbach came in 2018 after the presenter had made her the marriage proposal during the semifinal of Big Brother Vip a few months earlier. Proposal accepted by the woman. It was a dream wedding, as Filippa herself told in the pages of Grazia in the days following the ceremony.

Daniele was very excited and when he saw her get out of the car, the memory of when he saw her in the Peroni beer advertisement dressed in a wedding dress resurfaced. The couple have a daughter named Stella who was born in 2003. The model talked about the young woman about her to the weekly Confidenze in which she revealed that she had made several cries when her daughter left home to go to live with her boyfriend. Stella has in fact decided some time ago to go to live together, this has meant the removal of her from the house where she lived with her parents.

Daniele bossari wife
Filippa Lagerback story (credits: instagram)

Filippa thus recounted that despite having always pushed her towards independence, she felt the detachment: “How many tears have I made despite having always pushed her towards independence. Now that he is away from home our relationship has changed but it is even more beautiful and profound ”. The presenter explained that she is proud of her daughter: “She is very good and organized”. Apparently the young Bossari wants to work as a director and she is studying to be able to establish herself in this area.