Daniele Dal Moro, twist: what he did for Oriana outside the house

Disqualified by the GF Vip, Daniele Dal Moro displaces everyone with a gesture that does not go unnoticed: Oriana Marzoli has to do with it.

“The competitor used vulgar expressions, held impetuous and disrespectful attitudes, breaking the regulation”. These are the reasons that prompted the Big Brother to take the toughest of measures against Daniele Dal Moro. As happened for Edoardo Donnamaria a few days ago, the Venetian entrepreneur was also disqualified from the game, just fifteen days before the grand finale.

Daniele Dal Moro, the unexpected gesture for Oriana – Credits Instagram @grandefratellotv (Sologossip.it)

A hard blow for the competitor, but above all unexpected: Daniele had to leave the house suddenly, during the day, without even being able to say goodbye to his companions. Including Oriana Marzoli, the Venezuelan influencer with whom he began an acquaintance inside the house. Ever since the news of Daniele’s departure, Oriana has been in a bad mood, often in tears, eager to talk to her former roommate. She who, meanwhile, broke the silence on social media, throwing more than one dig at the program, in no uncertain terms. But not only that: the former gieffino did something also for Oriana.

GF Vip, twist between Daniele Dal Moro and Oriana: what no one expected

Will love between the Orieles blossom outside the house of the GF Vip? The relationship between Daniele and Oriana Marzoli, at home, was anything but without turmoil. The lack of trust that he has in her has been a major obstacle to the birth of a couple that, even if it’s not official, drives the public crazy. Little by little, however, Oriana was able to touch the right points, making Daniele’s heart melt more and more. Will the attendance between the two continue with the cameras off? Dal Moro’s first social movements made one think of the worst, but here’s the twist.

GF Vip, Oriana writes a letter to Daniele Dal Moro
Daniele Dal Moro shares the letter received from Oriana – Credits Instagram @danieledalmoro / @orianagonzalezmarzoli (Sologossip.it)

As soon as he left the house, Daniele shared several posts on social media, in which he clearly expressed his thoughts. The former competitor believes his disqualification is unfair since he claims that he simply joked with Oriana, without ever exaggerating. Regarding the Venezuelan, however, at first Daniele had not expressed himself. On the contrary, the most attentive fans have noticed that the gieffino has not followed Marzoli on Instagram. Bad signal? Not at all.

In the past few hours, Daniele has shared the sweetest of dedications for his “Bebé”, making it public the letter that Oriana had delivered to him. A very sweet letter, through which the GF Vip finalist expresses all her sadness at the competitor’s abandonment. With sincerity and sweetness, the contestant declares herself to Daniele, confirming her interest and inviting him to wait for her:Wait for me outside that as soon as I go out I want to see you and I want you to take me to this beautiful ‘forest’ you were telling me about”. By deciding to share the letter, Daniele did nothing but virtually accept Oriana’s proposal, silencing the gossips and giving great joy to the many Oriele fans. How will Marzoli react when she learns of Daniele’s gesture? We just have to wait to find out all the news.