Daniella Chávez went with everything against the triumph of Argentina: "I would be ashamed to be Argentine"

The Chilean model Daniella Chavez He was once again the subject of controversy after commenting on the World Cup on Twitter, and just as a few weeks ago he threw darts against the Mexican technician after the elimination of Mexico, yesterday he went with everything against the Argentine team and All the albiceleste fans passed by after the final. Very much in his style, the national playmate launched the phrase: “The World Cup is over! A robbery and a gift to Argentina! I would be ashamed to be Argentine and celebrate!!”, And then the string of messages against the trans-Andean team began.

Let’s agree that Daniella Chavez was clearly going for France, and that was felt from her first tweets on Sunday, however the frustration over the result turned into a growing anger against the Argentine national team. “Today I watched the game eating barbecue and you? They are on the ground and they think they are the best in the world because Messi bought a World Cup hahahaha with so little do they have? Shame celebrate free titles! But it is simply Argentina who believe they are Europeans in Latin America!Danielle wrote.

He also argued that the penalties charged in favor of Argentina were given away and that, in addition, in his opinion, the game was fixed. “The brazen robbery of FIFA! Final and World Cup arranged for Argentina! Well, the first World Cup was arranged with Peru and then another with a goal with his hand! Now France with their players in bed for 4 days and without training!”he wrote on Twitter

The emotion of Daniella Chavez with Dibu Martínez

Perhaps the person Daniella Chavez was most enraged with was the goalkeeper of the Argentine team, Emiliano “Dibu” Mártínez, to whom she dedicated a harsh and offensive comment after the goalkeeper celebrated in a very unorthodox way after receiving the award for best archer of the contest “If he was not a footballer, he was most likely a criminal! There were millions of children watching live… But they say they are the best in the world and that the rest must admire and copy them!” Daniella wrote.

The “gifted” penalties

“In the end they bought Messi a World Cup! The boy with the free penalties«”, was one of the phrases that has most annoyed the albiceleste fans since, beyond the desire that Daniella may have had for the selected France will be crowned double world champions, it is very offensive for the winners to suggest that the match was fixed.

The reason for this message is that not only was she attacked by Internet users, but some even took on the task of showing the foul that gave rise to the penalty on Di María, making it clear that far from being a gift, it was a real foul.