Danza, ReF, the Greek Papadopoulus in the national premiere in Rome with Larsen C

Larcen C is the title of the latest show by Christos Papadopoulos, co-produced by Romaeuropa and presented as a national premiere from 16 to 18 November at the Auditorium Parco della Musica as part of the final week of the XXXVI edition of the festival. If already with Elvedon (REf2016) and Opus (REf2018) the Greek choreographer had presented his minimalist universe, apparently geometric and deceptively simple, based on a research around the rhythmic nuances of movement and on a tireless exploration of repetition as a perceptive and transformation, with Larcen C raises the stakes even further.

In fact, the show is configured as an exploration of the transition stages from one movement to another, of the passage from intuition to action, of the different states of perception and of the deceptive point of view taken by each spectator. “Larcen C is about all those microscopic changes that are part of our life and that we almost unconsciously perceive,” said the choreographer. It is no coincidence that the title of the show refers to a section of the largest ice shelves in Antarctica, an icon and symbol of sudden climate change since the 1990s.

“Huge, concrete, immobile to the perception of the human gaze, this immense expanse of ice continues to move continuously and in a marvelous way – he explained again – Yet its strength, its greatness is opposed to fragility and its potential disappearance by the work of man”. After all, appearance and deception are the two cornerstones around which all of Papadopoulos’ work is animated. His choreographies are materializations of incorporeal events such as the passage of time and the spread of sound or metaphors of natural processes such as soil erosion, the fading of light at sunset, the flow of water.

But how can the slight difference in a rhythm, the alteration of a body movement, the change of sound or light in a set radically overturn the perception of what we see? How different stimuli can alter our perception? And what is reality then? With Larsen C Christos Papadopoulos shows how every point of view is, after all, nothing more than a ‘mental game’.

Christos Papadopoulos was born in Greece in 1976, he studied Dance and Choreography at the ‘School for New Dance Development’ in Amsterdam, Theater at the Greek National Drama Academy and Political Science at the Panteion University of Athens. He has collaborated, as a dancer, with Noema Dance Company (Germany), Wego Company (Denmark), Dimitris Papaioannou, Ria Higler, Robert Stein. While, as a choreographer, he worked with Thomas Moschopoulos, Vasilis Nikolaidis, Saskia van de Heur, Maike van de Drift. He participated in the realization of the choreography of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Athens Olympic Games in 2004.