Darmanin against Meloni on migrant management, Tajani: “France apologize”

The deputy premier cannot explain the attack by the French minister who said that the Italian premier Giorgia Meloni is unable to solve Italy’s migration problems

“The clarification from the French was insufficient, there are no excuses, the Minister of the Interior said incredible things, against Meloni, against the government, even against Italy and the Italians, go hear him again, it’s truly unheard of “. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani told Corriere della Sera, for whom Darmanin’s insult was “a gratuitous and vulgar insult to a friendly country, an ally, whose institutional leaders are in perfect harmony, moreover in the first year of application of the Treaty of the Quirinale. I would like to see if Piantedosi had said similar things about France and its government, what would have happened, there would have been very serious consequences”. Before canceling his visit to Paris, he called Giorgia Meloni who said “that the note from the French Foreign Ministry was insufficient, that if an apology did not arrive, the visit would have to be canceled”, he added.

“This attack is shocking”

The deputy prime minister cannot explain Darmanin’s attack, who said “that we are a far-right government, he compared Meloni to Le Pen, all coldly. I had to go to Paris, for a summit that had been prepared for weeks, which would have concluded with a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna”. Tajani added: “This attack is astounding, it’s a bolt from the blue, a gratuitous barrage of insults. It is clear that not everyone in the French government thinks like their Minister of the Interior, it is clear that their displeasure and also their disappointment reached us, but a denial and condemnation is needed. There has never been, nor will ever happen, that an Italian or a member of the Italian government addresses in this way and with such aggressiveness towards another government of an allied country, or even towards its institutional top management”.