Data sovereignty, digital and new solutions: the cloud revolution

Watch the event on Wednesday 15 October at 11 am on the website

Digital innovation also passes, if not above all, through infrastructures that make it accessible and usable to as many users as possible, be they public administrations, private companies or citizens. A key step in this direction is the adoption and development of cloud and connected solutions. This will be discussed during the comparison ‘The Cloud Revolution’organized by Adnkronos in collaboration with Sap Italia, which will be broadcast on the website Wednesday 15 March at 11.

What is meant and how should the issue of data sovereignty be managed? What solutions can help digital transformation in the public sector and what impact can they have on citizens’ lives? How can the comparison and collaboration between public and private be improved for a digital growth of the country?

These questions will be answered: Alessio ButtiUndersecretary of State for Technological Innovation; Claudius AnastasiusPresident 3-I; Carla MasperiChief Executive Officer Sap Italia; Alexander Moriccasole administrator of PagoPa; Andrea QuaciviChief Executive Officer of Sogei; Agostino Santoni, Confindustria vice president for digital. Moderated by Fabio Insenga, deputy director of Adnkronos.