David Rossi, the questions still open 10 years after his death

From the manager’s worries to the expert report that detects injuries not attributable to the fall

Two filings as suicide, a first instance ruling that rejected the request for compensation in the civil trial brought against the bank, the work of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the case in the last legislature and a second commission that will soon start dealing with the matter. More than ten years have passed since the death of David Rossi, the former head of communications of Mps, who fell from a bank window, and many questions still remain.

It’s the evening of March 6, 2013 when David Rossi is found on the ground, now lifeless, in vicolo Monte Pio, the street onto which his Rocca Salimbeni office overlooked. He had told his wife that he was coming back, but he will never get home. The Siena prosecutor’s office opens a file for instigating suicide, in order to be able to carry out the investigations, but the investigations from the beginning lean towards the voluntary gesture. And in fact two investigations are filed as suicide. A thesis strongly rejected by the family.

A few days before death, on 19 February, the Guardia di Finanza, on the order of the Siena prosecutor’s office, had also searched his office as part of an investigation into the acquisition of Banca Antonveneta which never saw him investigated. Doubts emerge. What reason did Rossi have to kill himself? Is his death intertwined with the events that one of the main Italian banking groups was going through at the time? Those who knew him tell of a different David in recent weeks: what was bothering him? Journalistic inquiries raise doubts about the investigations. And they turn the spotlight on different scenarios such as the story of alleged parties in the Siena area.

While on the judicial front the case is filed, a parliamentary commission of inquiry is born in parliament to investigate: it works hard between hearings and twists and turns and has a maxi expert report which, on the one hand, speaks of the hypothesis of an “anti-conservative” gesture by the other detects other bodily injuries not attributable to the fall leaving other questions open. Could those wounds be the result of a struggle before the flight through the window? If rescued first, could David Rossi have been saved?

Meanwhile, the documents resulting from the Commission’s work are transmitted to the competent prosecutors, giving rise to new files such as the one opened by the Genoa prosecutor’s office on the inspection by prosecutors in the manager’s office before the intervention of the forensic police. Just in recent days, the Genoa prosecutor’s office requested the dismissal of the proceeding for the three investigators, believing that there was no malice in their conduct.

Now, with the green light arrived today from the Chamber of Deputies, a second parliamentary commission of inquiry will return to deal with the manager’s death.