Davide Bonolis has just turned 18: how he has become

Davide Bonolis has just turned 18: how he became the first child of Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli.

Paolo Bonolis is one of the most beloved faces of our small screen and of his illustrious career, which began more than 40 years ago with children’s TV, we know practically everything. Can the same be said of his private life?

Davide Bonolis has just turned 18: how he became the first child of Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli. (Instagram Credits)

Perhaps not everyone knows, in fact, who the famous conductor is father of five children: the first two, Stefano and Martina, were born from the first marriage with the American psychologist Diane Zoeller. From love with his second and current wife Sonia Bruganelli Davide, Silvia and Adele were born. And Davide, a week ago, came of age! On June 7, 2022, Davide Bonolis has turned 18 and many messages of good wishes for him have arrived on social networks: are you curious to see how he has become? The resemblance to the father will leave you speechless.

How Poalo Bonolis’s son, Davide Bonolis, has changed: he has just turned 18

“18 years old today. Always keep this smile, spread them all. Greetings my love”. With these words, attached to a sweet souvenir photo that portrays him as a child, Sonia Bruganelli wished her eldest son Davide, who a few days ago came of age. A great achievement for the third son of Bonolis, who, like Stefano, is really very similar to his dad since he was little.

Curious to see how has David become over the years? Here he is with his father Paolo and his elder brother Stefano (left), during their vacation in Dubai on the occasion of the last New Year:

paolo bonolis
Paolo Bonolis with two of his five children, Stefano (left) and Davide (Instagram Credits)

Oh yes, such father such children: the three Bonolis are really identical! And you can find other shots of the new adult Davide on his Instagram profile: the channel is already followed by more than 60 thousand followers. And just take a quick look to understand that, like his dad, David is also a die-hard Inter fan! And you, did you know everything about the ‘extended’ family of the legendary Paolo Bonolis?