Davide Casaleggio, wedding on August 14th

The announcement of Enrica Sabatini, member of the Rousseau Association

Davide Casaleggio gets married. “On August 14 Davide and I will get married. We have chosen to do it in the way that best represents us: on a small beach in Abruzzo, in front of the blue of the sea and surrounded by the embrace of the people we love”. Enrica Sabatini, partner of Davide Casaleggio, announces it on social media. “August 14 is also Gianroberto’s birthday. This date was the only one available to get married in the place we have chosen. I like to think that it is not a coincidence, but that it is his way of telling us that he will be there too. . Among the many people we love – once again and always – he will be at our side “, adds the member of the Rousseau Association.

“These last two years life has reserved for us many disappointments, but also precious gifts. We have seen many people getting lost chasing the distorted glares of vainglory, money and power, but also many others rediscovering – even stronger within themselves – those values ​​and those emotions that had prompted us to start a journey together many years ago “, writes Sabatini in his post. “I cannot deny that this experience has changed my outlook on the world, but it has also strengthened my belief that negative experiences reveal to you the person you want to become and give you the unique opportunity to understand who you really want to spend the rest of. of your life. And I have no doubts about this. “