Davide Silvestri and kekko dei Modà are cousins ​​with a different surname: the reason has been revealed

Davide Silvestri and Kekko dei Modà are cousins ​​but have a different surname: the reason is explained.

Davide Silvestri is a current competitor of the Gf Vip. There will be a new episode tonight and it will be very important. Last week the contestants discovered the date of the final, scheduled for March 14th. In the live broadcast this evening, we will be able to find out who among those present will abandon the game and who will decide to stay.

Davide Silvestri and kekko, leader of Modà are cousins: because they have a different surname (source instagram)

In Friday’s episode, Davide received a wonderful surprise from his cousin, Kekko, leader of the musical group i Modà. They are many united and together they run a beer company. The competitor, in fact, years ago, decided to leave television and abandon his acting career, to devote himself to something else. We know that kekko’s name is Francesco Silvestre. We can see that David and his cousin have a different surname: do you know why? We reveal the reason.

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Davide Silvestri and Kekko of Modà are cousins: because they have a different surname

Last week, Davide Silvestri received a wonderful surprise from his cousin Kekko, leader of the Modà group. The two are very close and in recent years, they have supported each other. The singer sent a video message to the competitor, in which he said that he has great esteem for him and that Davide has always supported him, even during the tours, when he, Kekko, wanted to abandon everything and run away home. His cousin has always been by his side. A very beautiful moment that thrilled the competitor and also the public.

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We know that Kekko is called Francesco Silvestre, while Davide’s surname is Silvestri. The two are cousins, and the kinship is on the part of their respective fathers, who are brothers. So, we ask ourselves, why do they have a different surname?

Davide Silvestri and Kekko of Modà
instagram source

Apparently, the exact surname is Silvestri. There was an error in the registry office, an error in the registration that has not been changed since and has remained so. For this reason the two cousins, today, have a different surname.