Davis Cup, Binaghi: “Malagò’s compliments? Better late than never”

The president of Fitp: “Honoured for meeting with Mattarella”. But the appointment at the Quirinale is destined to be postponed

“Did Malagò’s compliments arrive? Better late than never…”. Angelo Binaghi, president of Fitp, expressed himself thus to Adnkronos after the Italian triumph in the Davis Cup. “The Finals were the greatest indoor sporting success in the history of Italian sport. The Italian Internationals, where he didn’t want Russian players to play, thank God, have become double what they were before, in terms of value and importance. The Padel is becoming very popular. Sinner wins in Toronto, it spreads in all the other autumn tournaments, but we went our own way”, says the federation’s number 1.

“We were sure, as we said, that this success would make him find the courage and intellectual honesty that perhaps he had lost at some point. He complimented me, but not to me, it doesn’t matter to me, he must do them to the movement that has made great sacrifices, he must do them to the Federation. However, better late than never, we thank him and move forward more and more convinced that our principles are the right ones”, adds Binaghi.

The Azzurri will be received at the Quirinale by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. The December 21st appointment, however, seems destined to be postponed. “We have given total delegation to Minister Abodi who must speak with the Quirinale and the Premier to understand when it is possible to organize this meeting, I believe on the return from the Australian Open. Now they have all left, among other things we go to the President and the Premier running, barefoot, but frankly no one had told us about December 21st, if they had warned us we would have told them that it wouldn’t have been possible. I don’t know who gave us this availability that we have never had and therefore precisely for this reason, and due to the complication of the competitive calendars of our sport, we asked Minister Abodi to take an active part so that our boys, on their behalf and of the entire movement, may they have this great joy and gratification from the two highest authorities of the State”, he continues.

“There was perhaps a question of timing which perhaps wasn’t very clear. We read it from a press release, also because in those days the boys are in Australia, they are leaving, they have to train. Now they will do three or four days of vacation precisely because they have to recover: think of Sinner, who immediately has to start training again more than the others, harder than the others, I think they go to train in the sun, outdoors, therefore not even in Italy and then they fly directly to the other hemisphere for the Australian Open and for the previous tournaments which are all in Australia and New Zealand. On the other hand, predicting this victory would have been a bit excessive, given that the last time was 47 years ago”, adds Binaghi.

“And then, beyond this, I believe that the real treasure is to continue to be the same as before and to do everything that the boys have done before and that I believe the federation has also done, without changing a comma, but doing even more work and even more sacrifices. Habits and planning must not be affected”, he concludes.