Day against violence against women, Francesca Manzini publishes the video “Love me”

A minute is enough to recognize a sick relationship: this is the message that Francesca Manzini wants to spread in the video “Love me”, published on her social channels today 25 November, World Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

“As a woman and as a human being – she states – I have been terribly struck by the many cases of femicide and violence against women of which unfortunately we have had many examples this year. But the death of Giulia Cecchettin, in particular, shook me deeply.”

The meaning of “Love me”

Love me: a simple, short, direct word, is the title of this video: a poignant dance that in just one minute contains the suffering, the injustice, the tragedy of a dangerous and sick love.

Another Love is the song that accompanies this video, which sees Francesca Manzini dancing with the dancers Michele Lanzeroti and Mattia Fazioli: an “other love”, which is not at all healthy or authentic. Because true feeling doesn’t leave bruises, wounds, it doesn’t kill.

Francesca’s intention is to tell how just one minute can completely change everyone’s life, because the worst can happen, unfortunately, even in a turn of the clock: “I wish that in one minute we could continue to live feeling free from own choices, without ever being afraid again.”