Dayane Mello shocks Verissimo: “I attempted suicide”

The model: “I took all the pills that were in the house”

“I attempted suicide.” Dayane Mello, guest of Verissimo, confesses the terrible moment she experienced when she was very young. The Brazilian model, in Silvia Toffanin’s living room, talks about her very difficult childhood, with the abandonment of her mother and a very difficult relationship with her father.

“When I was a teenager, dad beat me. It was his way of educating me. I didn’t perceive love and understanding from him, but only rules that I violated and he, to punish me, beat me”, the model tells Verissimo. “I felt invisible, I asked myself: who am I? Where am I going? I was 16 years old and for a month and a half I had been thinking about suicide. I thought about throwing myself down, throwing myself under a car. But I couldn’t find the courage. One afternoon, I was trying There was rat poison in the house but I couldn’t find it. I took all the medicines that were in the house, I took everything. I was very bad that night, they took me to hospital for gastric lavage”, she adds. The situation has changed and has definitely improved: “I started working as a model, I went to Chile. When I returned home with my photos in magazines. He saw them, started crying and apologized to me. From we built a magical relationship there.”