Daydreamer, as the actress who plays Mihriban is today: seeing her in this shot will leave you speechless

Do you remember Mihriban in Daydreamer? After about a year, here’s how the actress is today in this never-before-seen social shot!

Definitely Daydreamer-The wings of the dream is one of the Turkish television series that most of all fascinated us. Viewers got carried away by the love story between Can and Sanem. The young man is a photographer who returns from his life around the world in the family business and remains there, since his father had asked him, not knowing that in reality he was unwell.

Daydreamer, Mihriban today (credits: youtube)

Sanem is instead a dreamer, she wants to become a writer and travel. The meeting between the two happens by chance, and fate seems to bind their lives even before they know each other. In the second part of the story, however, when the photographer returns after leaving because the young woman is accused of having burned her book which was actually thrown into the fire by Yigit, that bond never seems to have broken.

Memories resurface, pain too but love is stronger. In this second part of the plot we met new characters, there was the return of Aziz who met his ex-girlfriend again, Mihriban, a beautiful and good woman. Between the two it seems that the feeling has never passed and so we will see them again together. In the series, we particularly liked Mihriban. It’s been about a year since we last followed her today have you seen what the actress is like? We show you one of his social shots.

Daydreamer, as is the actress who plays Mihriban today: here she is in a shot never seen before

Mihriban is a Daydreamer character, the Turkish series that met with impressive success in Turkey, Italy and all the countries where it was broadcast. This female character arrives in the second part of the story, when we see the return of Can, but also that of Aziz.

In fact, the photographer’s father is the woman’s ex-boyfriend. They have been together in the past. Apparently, years later, love resurfaces and the two become inseparable. The Turkish series ended in May 2021 for us, instead about two years earlier in Turkey. Mihriban he is a character who became part of the plot halfway through and remained until the end. More than a year has passed to date, have you seen how the actress who brought it to the stage is now?

daydreamer actress mihriban
Daydreamer, now an actress (credits: instagram)

This is a fairly recent social shot by Sevinc Erbulak, the actress who played the ex-girlfriend and then girlfriend of Aziz, Can and Emre’s father. In comparison, she doesn’t seem to have changed at all, apart from details such as the hairstyle. Today she has a different hairstyle and also the color, you can notice some shades inside lighter. Sevinc is a very good actress and she is very beautiful!