Daydreamer, the actress off the set has a very different look: do you recognize her character?

The actress off the set has a different look: so do you recognize the character she brought to the stage in Daydreamer?

On May 28, 2021, the Daydreamer-The Wings of the Dream series ended. The last episode closed the plot with a happy ending. Can and Sanem finally find each other and crown their dream of love by getting married. From the beginning their story faced many difficulties, including lies, lies and third parties who tried to ruin the relationship.

Daydreamer, actress today (credits. Instagram)

The series is as if it had been divided into two parts, in fact in the second we see the return of the photographer after some time. He left after being accused by Sanem of burning his book. In reality the text had been thrown into the fire by Yigit, the latter did it to distance the writer from the man. When the second phase of the plot begins, there is, in fact, the return of Can who finds the young woman and her other friends.

The actress pictured above was also part of Daydreamer but he had a very different, more jaunty look. Off the set she looks like this, as beautiful as she was in the series, but with a completely different look: do you recognize the character he played?

Daydreamer, off the set the actress is like that but in the series she looked very different: do you recognize her?

The cast of Daydreamer included many actors and actresses. They all played an important role in the life of the two protagonists, Can and Sanem. There have been many characters who have tried to put a spoke in the wheel of their story, such as Huma, the photographer’s mother, who never frowned upon the young writer.

Can’s ex-girlfriend also tried to win him back, or Polen’s brother, Yigit, who wanted to estrange the couple. There were also characters who helped the two a lot, from the closest friends present from the beginning to those who took over in the second part. The actress in the picture is very different from how we saw her, in the series he had a more jaunty look; she played a figure who joined the series in the second part, she is a great friend of Sanem and beyond. It is she who helps her in the sentimental issue since she is also a psychologist. After these clues, did you understand what her character is?

daydreamer actress
Deniz in Daydreamer (credits: youtube)

Yes, the actress played Deniz, the psychologist and friend of Sanem. Basak Gumulcinelioglu in Daydreamer looked a lot lighter and more girlish, while off the set she looks different. She is beautiful as we have known her, long orange hair and a gorgeous face. She took this shot while she was on vacation in Italy. Basak visited several places in our peninsula and showed everything about her on her instagram channel. Did you like her character?