DC: Speziali, ‘white giant of good politics and exceptional virtues’

“The death of Gerardo Bianco, former parliamentarian and minister (in Andreotti VI, of Public Education) of the DC, as well as former Secretary and President of the PPI, marks another mourning, not only political, but even and above all personal, which strikes me already during the ‘beatifically secular’ first republic, Gerardo represented a giant of good politics and exceptional virtues, whose aptitudes, in the sad contemporary days, are unacknowledged by the majority of the current tenants of Parliament, since they were co-opted and not elected, precisely due to the absence of the proportional system”. Thus Vincenzo Speziali, former National Secretary of the DC Youth Movement, current member of the Politique Bureau of the Christian Democrat International and exponent of the Third Pole.

“The proportional electoral system was for him more than a sterile banner to be waved as a warning and reflection, in order to legitimize the regeneration of any ruling class, and yet today he leaves us, with this enormous void, accompanied and worsened by his own departure. I have many memories of Gerardo – often mentioned, recently, in various articles written by me – but at this moment, following the news reached me by Peppino Gargani, the dignified silence gives way to a great, very great emotion, addressing the blessed soul of this meek, just and honest man, a thought of affection and a prayer in requiem”.