‘Ddl Spacca Italia goes fast, the country is divided’, so the No Ad Committees

After the approval of the Calderoli project by the CDM, an appeal to political, trade union and social forces

The approval by the Council of Ministers of the bill on differentiated autonomy represents “a quantum leap in the direction of the division of the country, the calling into question of universal rights and the foundations of the Republic, born of the Liberation and defined by constitutional principles” . This was stated by the Committees for the withdrawal of all differentiated autonomy in a note just released. “After discussions, hypotheses, pre-agreements, projects that have never been implemented – they continue – we are at an acceleration that puts the political and trade union forces who care about the unity of the country and the defense of the values ​​of the Charter facing a new responsibility “.

“President Meloni as well as the Brothers of Italy – a formation that bases its existence (starting from its name) and its program on precise nationalistic claims – have lowered their heads in order to keep the balance of government intact and proceed with the allies towards their presidential project, thus allowing the passage of the Calderoli bill and keeping faith with the exchange agreed during the electoral campaign”.

For his part, Minister Calderoli has brought forward a question concerning “the attribution of exclusive legislative power to the regions on as many as 23 matters and therefore the clear violation of the principle of equality between citizens of the country on the basis of the certificate of residence, and therefore the exponential increase in inequalities, all in a very short time to give the sprint to one’s party, the Lega, in the upcoming regional elections in Lombardy”. (continued)

‘Debate finally open in the country: now the political forces and trade unions’

Brothers of Italy, Lega and Forza Italia “for electoral political calculations and internal pressures” intend to go to the end: “this government approves the Calderoli bill while numerous voices are raised in the country against the CEO, while constitutionalists, exponents of the world economy, culture, science, art and journalism are sounding the alarm about the imminent danger – the No Ad Committees claim – Although it can count on the votes of the majority, this wicked project can be stopped, but not only in Parliament. a mass mobilization that brings hundreds of thousands of people to the streets to withdraw the measure and stop the government”.

“Since 2019 we have raised the alarm: now we reiterate what led to the welding between political forces, trade unions and over 30 acronyms of civil society which later merged into the No Ad Table. Now it is the responsibility of the trade union and political organizations, each one for the strength it has, to unite and give rise to this demonstration and do everything possible for the withdrawal of the bill. The debate finally open in Italy creates the conditions for building a broad consensus: there is no time to lose”.