Ddl Zan, Letta: “With Italia Viva a break in trust across the board”

With the approval of the so-called ‘trap’ in the Senate, the 16 votes that were missing from the opposition are sought. The secretary of the Democratic Party spoke on the party’s official radio, ‘Immagina’, about the suspicious post-vote attitude of the Renzian senators and the role that Forza Italia will have. Leader IV’s response was immediate: “Responsibility of those who wanted to force knowing they didn’t have the numbers”

“Yesterday there was an all-out breach of trust”, commented the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta to the microphones of Radio Immagina, the official radio of the party. The words of the dem leader come 24 hours after the Senate’s decision to approve the so-called ‘trap’ on the Zan Ddl: “With Italia Viva the reasoning is what I’m doing, but it also concerns the part of the center right that had shown itself ready to dialogue”.

Finger pointed at Italia Viva

With 154 in favor and 131 against (with 2 abstentions), the Zan Ddl was sunk: the vote of the Senate concerned in particular articles 1, 4 and 7 for which Lega and Fratelli d’Italia had asked not to let them pass to the final exam (THE FULL TEXT). If on the eve of the forces on the left, which most of all had supported the decree signed by Zan, were confident of a blockade of those requests, the scrutiny revealed that the political base was not so solid. “Yesterday there were many political games”, Letta says, “I think that what happened yesterday will make us reflect on our future, there is no doubt”. The secretary of the Democratic Party points the finger at the IV senators: “I am puzzled by the statements by the senators of Italia Viva who immediately began to take it out on us. Those who react like this have something to hide and I believe that such a vocal reaction, even coarse, speaks volumes. “According to the numbers, there would be 16 votes that were lacking at the ‘opposing’ front. Matteo Renzi’s response was immediate. tweet says: “The human and moral responsibility belongs to those who wanted to force knowing they did not have the numbers”.

Forza Italia: “With Ppe or with Pillon and Orban?”

Some supporters of the Zan Ddl, on the other hand, attacked the Italian left for not having discussed in more detail those points 1, 4 and 7 with those who were against: “We have clearly expressed our willingness to enter into the substance of the text”, he explains Letta, “but last night’s reactions to what happened clarify everything. That applause and what was said afterwards shows that those who ditched the bill did not want any law ”. As for the center-right, the dem secretary wonders what the future deployment of Forza Italia will be: “In the EPP or is he with Pillon and Orban? Is it Forza Italia that should be with Ursula Von Der Leyen? “.