Ddl Zan sunk. And now? Difficult to restart from proposals that have already been rejected

After the Senate vote that rejected the Zan bill, six months will have to pass before a text on the same topic can be discussed again. It is therefore likely that the next Parliament will have to deal with it

Point and head. We’ll talk about it again in the next legislature. The six-month stop imposed in the Senate on the Zan bill has the effect that it is unlikely that this parliament will be able to approve new rules on the subject. There are no times. And there are no political conditions: despite the favorable vote of the House on the Zan bill last November, there is no broad consensus on a minimum common denominator.

The work done so far: the Zan bill and the other proposals

The proposals presented so far by the center-left camp were all, at different times, converged in the Zan bill. Like the one presented by the five-star senator Alessandra Maiorino. Or like that of Ivan Scalfarotto, exponent of Italia viva: a text that consisted of a single article that proposed adding discrimination based on “homophobia or transphobia” to hate crimes and the list of aggravating factors: it referred to gender identity. And Italia viva had resubmitted that same approach by proposing some amendments to the Zan bill to facilitate the process in the Senate: amendments, however, rejected by the PD.

The proposal of the center-right government

The proposal of the center-right signed by the force activist Licia Ronzulli and Matteo Salvini remains deposited in the justice commission in the Senate. Which now the center-right is relaunching. The text proposes an amendment to article 61 of the penal code, introducing aggravating circumstances related to ethnicity, religious belief, nationality, sex, sexual orientation and disability. The other two articles, on the other hand, describe “the repressive apparatus, through the preparation of a system of” armor “, which limits, that is,” the power of the judge to balance this aggravating circumstance with any mitigating circumstances “

But there is still no law

System considered insufficient and wrong by the Democratic Party. Alessandro Zan, father of the sinking law in the Senate, is convinced that two years of discussion have strengthened the awareness that a law is necessary. And remember that we are one of the few countries in Europe that does not have a civil rights law.