De Bellis (Coop Lombardia): ‘Social inclusion core value’

“One of the core values ​​for Coop is that of social inclusion. We have a project that started over 20 years ago called Due mani in più which consists in delivering home shopping to lonely or non-self-sufficient elderly people. A gesture that also becomes an excuse to fight loneliness and create relationships between operators and the elderly. We have been focusing on inclusion for a long time”. Thus Alfredo De Bellis, vice president of Coop Lombardia, on the occasion of the delivery of a check for 60 thousand euros in favor of PizzAut, the project that aims to start a laboratory of social inclusion through the creation of a place run by children with autism supported by professionals from the catering and rehabilitation.

Coop Lombardia’s donation will support the opening of the second PizzAut pizzeria scheduled in Monza for 2023. “Two and a half years ago we met Nico Acampora of PizzAut and we decided to become their partner to allow him to realize the many dreams he has – continues De Bellis – Autistic kids find work at PizzaAut who thus have an important opportunity to build their own path of autonomy. In our country, due to a series of legislative shortcomings, people with autism spectrum disorders, and their families, have to face a whole series of difficulties. Nico Acampora is carrying out a fundamental work to advance the rights of these people by demonstrating that, with very little, one can allow one to feel fully part of a community”.