“De Ketelaere is a package” and Amazon helps the Milan fan

The tweet of a Rossoneri fan is the assist for a surreal dialogue

Charles De Ketelaere continues to disappoint and a Milan fan invokes Amazon to return the ‘package’. The Rossoneri’s defeat against Turin, with the elimination of the Italian champions from the Italian Cup, fueled the discontent of the fans, already ‘tried’ by the comeback suffered against Roma in the last round of the championship. On social media, yet another rejection for De Keteleare: the 21-year-old Belgian talent, bought in the summer from Bruges for over 30 million, still doesn’t get the hang of it. The umpteenth colorless test particularly triggers the user @MarcoVerduz on Twitter. “Come on, return it with Amazon…”, writes the fan in colorful tones.

The ecommerce giant, not tagged in the tweet, intercepts the message and responds to the request with the @AmzonHelp profile: “Hello, can we help you?”. “Yes, I have a package from Belgium to return”, replied the fan. “Is it a return for an item that was shipped from Amazon or a third-party seller? You can check it in the order confirmation email”, the customer care advice. Having clarified that a ‘third party seller’ was involved in the negotiation, the fan closed with a pearl, calling Bruges into question.