De Luca and Fedez at Muschio Selvaggio: “I love you: put on a shirt and I’ll nominate you”

The governor of Campania guest of the podcast between tattoos, trap and politics

No to tattoos for 50-year-olds, rejection for trap music, yes to Fedez’s candidacy. Vincenzo De Luca show at Muschio Selvaggio, in Fedez and Mr. Marra’s podcast. The governor of Campania is a guest in the episode in which ample space is dedicated to the new generations, the needs and problems of young people.

De Luca has openly criticized tattooed people in the past: in the studio, he finds himself next to two people who “don’t have an inch of free skin… A welcoming environment”, says the president of Campania, who presents himself with a message to Fedez, ‘stuck’ for the famous kiss with Rosa Chemical at the 2022 Sanremo Festival: “You were wrapped around a mollusc, an earthworm and you were crawling around… Don’t do it again.” Tattoo chapter: “My prejudice is for 50-60 year olds who have a youth crisis”, summarizes De Luca. The governor is presented with a piece of trap music, a few seconds and “I’d say that’s enough… The lyrics? I didn’t understand anything, I’ll ask Rocco Hunt and have the translation done”.

The governor is updated on the rap wars which have also entered the news in Italy, particularly in Milan: “The most idiotic and demented examples come from America… Shiva? I don’t know it, I would propose it for the Singapore pedagogical method: the municipal police are equipped with a bamboo whipthey give you twenty lashes between the head and neck…”.

“I believe that you, beyond the plasters you put on yourselves, have a huge responsibility” towards the world of youth. “We have kids who have adopted the behaviors and expressions of characters in TV series. It shocks me that there are kids, on Saturday evenings, with ‘iron’ in their pockets. I believe that the loss of the principle of authority has weighed heavily in the last 20-30 years : in many situations, the State is not there. Boys who shoot teachers with water pistols… These things in other countries lead to a block in a person’s educational path.”

We’re talking about Naples and Campania: “In the popular neighborhoods the Camorra still offers salaries to those who hang around in the drug dealing square. We still have to work a lot from this point of view. It’s clear that these situations arise more easily in a which offers few opportunities.”

‘Politics’ chapter: “There is a point that separates transformism from political realism: you must have the honesty to tell Italian citizens ‘I changed my mind for this reason’… Otherwise, you are a transformist…”. Does politics manage to involve young people? “I put myself in the shoes of a boy: when I hear a political exponent, I can hold on for 30 seconds… I imagine a boy as much as he can hold.” In the Democratic Party, how do you judge Elly Schlein’s leadership? “Programmatic contents are weak. Dialectics? Worse”. Pierluigi Bersani? “A friend, but he is the father of political bullshit like Article One…”.

The opinion on the government was negative: “The south has been betrayed and completely trampled upon. We need to create an alternative, we need a program that can persuade the majority of Italians: it is difficult to keep together solidarity and security, poor people and rich people”. Would Fedez nominate him? “Absolutely, I think you’re fine. With a high-necked shirt and a turtleneck” to cover the tattoos. “A little make-up? Let’s not overdo it…”.

The ending, surprisingly, is in the message that De Luca addresses directly to Fedez: “Let me tell you one last thing. I should have made fun of you for how you are doing, but instead I need to tell you something. You have had a terrible human experience: you have faced a tumor, you had a surgical operation and a second operation. You faced these trials of life with courage and generosity, you used these difficult moments to give courage to others. You have proven that you are a man and I love you“. “It almost made me move, I reciprocate”, Fedez’s reply, surprised and touched.