De Luca at Che tempo che fa: “Dead souls in the Democratic Party, there is the worst of the PCI and DC”

The governor of Campania as a guest of Fabio Fazio: “Me, secretary? I already have so many problems”

Managers like “dead souls” in the Democratic Party, which “gathered the worst of the PCI and the worst of the DC”. Vincenzo De Luca, governor of Campania, expresses himself thus in the interview with Fabio Fazio on Che tempo che fa. “My book is a message of gratitude to the leaders of the Democratic Party that I have known in 10 years, they are dead souls, often distant, often adversaries. They are many leaders, not a complex community that remains important”, says De Luca presenting his book Despite The Democratic Party.

“I remain in the Democratic Party because it is a large community, a community of militants, a reality of administrators who often fight alone in the territories. The Democratic Party was born when the ideologies of the 20th century ended, it was born to govern a complex reality, it was born to govern the Italy still marked by social, cultural and human fractures”, adds the president of the Campania Region.

“The Democratic Party has gathered the worst of the PCI and the worst of the DC, it must resume the path for an Italy that does not yet exist”, he continues. Would you see yourself as dem secretary? “Me, secretary of the Democratic Party? We have to make a program for Italy, I have so many problems to solve in Campania…” I have always found people who have hindered me, for me the truth always comes first, rather than the party flag . Pd must change its language, I can’t understand expressions like broad field and democratic agora”, he states.