De Luca: “Schlein’s personal shopper? I’ll do it, it costs less” – Video

The governor of Campania is a candidate to become the color scheme of the Pd secretary

Vincenzo De Luca is a candidate to become Elly Schlein’s new armochromist/personal shopper. The secretary of the Democratic Party, as is well known, makes use of the services of an expert to choose the items of clothing. “We learned from an interview given by the honorable Schlein, the new secretary of the Democratic Party, that she makes use of the advice of an armochromist, that is, an expert who advises on the choice of colors in clothing. An armochromist who charges 300 euros per hour. The lady’s name is Enrica Chicchio. ‘Damn’ one might say”. I would like to suggest something to the honorable Schlein: if he pays me half of what Enrica Chicchio takes, I would be able to propose an even better result from a chromatic point of view “, says the president of the Campania Region during a Facebook live broadcast.

“As mayor – recalls De Luca – we did the study on the facades of the buildings in the historic center and in the most representative areas of the city. It was the color plan. I would be able to propose a far better chromatic result than Chicchio. In any case, we are modern and we can be happy about it. Personally, I was moved by emotion in front of this news. We who are modest artisans of politics, we who are not modern and do not even come from wealthy families, remain committed and interested in things that trivially concern life of human beings of flesh and blood”.