De Siervo: “Serie A only behind the Premier League”

The CEO of the League: “We are the second league at an international level”

“We have launched the slogan ‘calcio is back’. The idea that Italian football returns to the levels for which it is known around the world. Already all the international rankings qualify us for Serie A in second place, just behind the Premier League The goal is to repeat ourselves and if possible to do better”. So the CEO of Lega Serie A Luigi De Siervo, during the presentation of the Serie A 2023/2024 calendar, expresses himself on the state of health of the top league, while negotiations are still underway for the sale of TV rights starting from 2024-2025.

“In the last four championships we have seen four different teams triumph -recalls De Siervo-, this is a sign of the vitality of a championship, it is a matter of competitiveness but also of the distribution of resources, and in recent years the gap between the first and the the last one has progressively reduced. This helps to give more consistent budgets to all the teams, and interesting things can be seen, and it comes from a different concentration but also from the ability of the smaller teams to be able to build a competitive team”.

“The idea is to use the Christmas period, when you spend time with your family, to get everyone to follow our races with enthusiasm and participation. We want to meet the fans”, he adds referring to the calendar. “It is very important that the championship represents our country. Having a championship of 20 teams helps, it is an essential fact for having a wide territorial participation”, adds De Siervo.