Dear bills, Confcommercio: “With price rises and inflation at risk of household consumption”

An increase in energy expenditure of over 11 billion is expected. Sangalli: “We need structural measures”

The high bills and the increase in inflation could present a very high bill for households and companies in the service sector in 2022: greater energy expenditure of over 11 billion for the former and increases in electricity and gas around 40% for the latter. This is calculated by an analysis by Confcommercio on the effects of the inflationary recovery and the high bills on households and businesses in the service sector.

“The liveliness of consumption that is being recorded these days risks being too short a parenthesis. Inflation and expensive bills, in fact, could reduce the real income of families and their spending capacity as early as the next few months. The government must, therefore, take structural measures against expensive energy ”, declared the president of Confcommercio, Carlo Sangalli.

The tensions on energy goods, which began in the final part of 2020 and initially considered transitory as attributed to the recovery in demand, have become increasingly intense in recent months, with a significant impact on both household accounts and businesses. The phenomenon, warns Concommercio, risks significantly attenuating growth for 2022. Next year, in fact, the impact on both household and business spending will be even greater than that already suffered in 2021.